1-Market Position

We at CAPSCO Ltd., remain committed and dedicated to establishing ourselves as a quality goods and services provider with focus on Customer Satisfaction. A high-oil-revenue environment has spurred a boom in both oil and non-oil development projects. The outlook for Saudi Arabia's investment sector is bright and secure. With its unique strategic location straddling the markets of east and west, Saudi Arabia is recognizing its potential as a leading global transport and logistics hub.

    The region's largest market is embarking on a historic information and communications technology (ICT) investment program that will make Saudi Arabia a regional technology landmark.With over 27 million consumers and a number of global enterprises, Saudi Arabia is the largest ICT market in the Middle East. In addition to the above facts and figures, t
he Kingdom offers great opportunities reflected by some of the projects listed below: 
  • The Saudi Rail Expansion – Over US$44 billion
  • Information and Communications Industry – Over US$10 billion
  • Energy, Power Generation and Water Desalination – Over US$102 billion
  • Petro-chemical projects – Over US$90 billion
  • Four new Economic cities – Over US$80 billion
  • Investment in Domestic Agriculture sector – Over US$ 12 billion
     We at CAPSCO can be an effective business partner for foreign companies seeking to grow their business in sync with the market growth.