5-Trading Division

    CAPSCO Ltd. has been on the forefront providing high quality building materials and products for the engineering industry throughout the Gulf region. The Trading division of the company was the one of the first profitable units of the company.

Mechanical Expertise

    We have set a benchmark in supply of the following variety of steel and building material products:
  •  Stainless Steel Pipes & Fittings 
  •  Carbon Steel Pipes & Fittings 
  •  Alloy, Special grade and Structural Steel (Construction) 
  •  Flanges and industrial valves 
Electrical Expertise
  • Maintenance and supply of critical electrical components for Industrial Vehicles. 
  • Wiring Harness, Battery Leads, PVC Cables & Sleeves, Rubber Cables and Hose Pipes, Automobiles Utility Kits, Auto Electrical Parts, Battery Related Parts. 
  • A large variety of high performance welding cables from everyday General Purpose to HOFR (Heat, Oil & Fire Retardant) industrial based welding cable and PVC / TPR based copper conductor HOFR Super flexible welding cable. The Welding Cables are in high demand for heat resistant, oil resistant and fire retardant property. They can easily work at high temperature and save around 40 % operating cost. 

Civil Expertise

    Our commitment to quality is matched by the technology we use to achieve it. A healthy balance of traditional and modern methodologies ensures our ability to give clients the best.
  •  Provision of support equipment and material used in building construction and land cultivation. 
  •  Supply of Organic Bio-Fertilizers for soil treatments to increase agricultural production yields. 
  •  Supply of High Grade Granite Tiles, Slabs and Custom built products for Garden decoration projects. 

    The division is managed by experienced people who have several years of renowned success and expertise in trading services.